The Adventure Begins
Journey of a Thousand Miles

The bold, young adventurers Max Power, Snizz Snizz, and Phendarius had hardly founded their company before an opportunity had presented itself to them. Planning their future in the warm respite of the Thirsty Goblin, the dwarven merchant Traevus Stonecutter stumbled into the tavern, battered and beaten. He had been ambushed by several goblins, who stole a precious item from him. A small wooden box, containing something he failed to mention.

The thief was Malareth the Damned, a necromancer and malefactor in the lands west of Icecrest. Although Traevus managed to kill several of the goblins and fight his way towards Malareth, he simply couldn’t accomplish this on his own. He hired the newly founded Max Power Tactical Company featuring Snizz Snizz to retrieve his box from the Twisting Halls dungeon beyond Icecrest.

Amid braziers and ancient statues built by long-forgotten minotaurs, the adventurers fought bravely against heinous packs of goblins and their domesticated wolves and drakes. In time they reached the entrance to the dungeon, and there they rest, recuperating from battle before delving deeper into the cold depths of Malareth’s dungeon.


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