A'remlandu'dotri Hirao'faerous Phendarius

Tactician of Ioun


Race: Eladrin Class: Warlord (calls himself a Tactician) Level: 4 XP: 4,480 + 675
Alignment: Unaligned God: Ioun

Str: 17 Con: 12: Dex: 10 Int: 18 Wis: 10 Cha: 13

Size: Medium Speed: 6 Vision: Low Light Languages: Common, Elven
HP: 39 Bloodied: 19 Surges: 8/day Surge Value: 9
AC: 22 For: 16 Ref:17 Will: 17
Initiative: +8 Load Limit: 160, 320, 800 Carrying: 87

Racial Traits:
Educated (Perception), +2 Arcane, +2 History, Longsword Prof, Will +1, Fey Origin, Trance, Fey Step
Armor Prof: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail, Shield Weapon Prof: Simple Melee/Ranged, Military Melee

Arcana +8, Athletics +4, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +8, Endurance +2, Heal +7, History +13, Insight +2, Intimidate +8, Perception +7, Religion +6

Iron Will, Tactical Assault, Improved Initiative

Class Features:
Combat Leader, Commanding Presence (Tactical), Inspiring Word

At Will Powers:
Commander’s Strike, Wolf Pack Tactics

Encounter Powers:
Warlord’s Favor, Steel Monsoon

Daily Power:
Lead the Attack

Utility Power:
Knight’s Move

Dagger (Attack: + 8melee, + 4ranged, Damage 1d4 + 3, Range 5/10)
Javelins (x3): (Attack: + 7, Damage: 1d6+3, Range 10/20)
Longsword: (Attack: + 8, Damage: 1d8+3)
Warhammer: (Attack: + 7, Damage: 1d10+3)

Hide Armor +1 (AC + 4, Action -1), Small Shield +1 (AC + 1 Reflex + 1), Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & steel, Rhinestone covered belt pouch, Bull’s eye lantern, Lamp oil x3, Rations x14, Rope, Hemp 50’, Waterskin, 386 gp

Petty Cash: 84gp 9x longsword, 6x shortbow, 2x club


Description: He is tall and very powerfully built especially for an eladrin standing just six feet and weighing over 180 pounds. His frame seems more human than eladrin with broader shoulders and hearty build compared to the typical lithe fey. However, his sharp angular features, long pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes betray that illusion. His skin is a glittering gold and his long hair is a midnight blue that shines of purple from lavender to violet. His pupiless eyes are a tinkling kaleidoscope of colors never quite settling on any one color for long.

His armor is a pearlescent white made of from the hide of the pearl thresher with the slightest hint of blue trimmed with a dark purple-blue nacre (mother of pearl). In place of more common leather of other armors is golden ice gator skin. While the armor is clearly influenced in the style of the eladrin with graceful lines and curves, any skilled armorer can tell it was actually forged by a dwarven smith.

Background: Born the second son of an eladrin minor major house (not quite a noble) he had no right to much of his father’s inheritance. Like all non-first sons of his family, he joined the Library Church of Ioun.

His mentor at the Library Church was a dwarf ex-adventurer turned cleric by the name of Mickar Ironhandle. He trained Phen in the ways of tactics and instilled the virtues of heavy weapons such as the warhammer and axe.

Only a couple of years before leaving the Library Church, Phen explored deep in the library’s tomes discovering a small portion of the Book of Vile Darkness. He read less than a page of the work, but that was enough to warp his mind. Today this day, their is a bit of madness in the young eladrin though fortunately no corruption of his soul. The other priest who simply say their was something not quite right with him afterward.

It was this sentiment among others that aiding the Church’s hierarchy to sow the seed of distrust him the young acolyte. Phen had quite innocently given books of general tactics and some advice to a group of adventurers who later turned out to be a cult of Vecna. The cult used this knowledge to raid a nearby wizard’s tower nearly killing the wizard herself. Unfortunately, the wizard was very influential in the Church Library of Ioun and called for the removal of Phen. In the trial that followed, Phen had few supporters and far more enemies that wished to be rid of him. He was expelled from the Church Library of Ioun.

Ironhandle gave the young eladrin a suit of armor and shield forged by his own hands. He also gave Phen his old warhammer along with a small amount gold and gear that all adventurer need to be successful.


  • Form a mercenary company for hire (to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and confront villains)
  • If discovering a possible Fey library seek it out and recover any knowledge that may still remain
  • Discover/destroy cults of Vecna
  • Prove his tactical techniques are truly superior
  • Follow the tenets of Ioun

A'remlandu'dotri Hirao'faerous Phendarius

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