Alaya Firepearl

Atoning Paladin of Ioun


Race: Half Elf Class: Paladin Level: 3 XP: 2250
Alignment: Unaligned God: Ioun

Str: 14 Con: 16: Dex: 10 Int: 8 Wis: 13 Cha: 18

Size: Medium Speed: 5 Vision: Low Light Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial
HP: 43 Bloodied: 21 Surges: 12/day Surge Value: 10
AC: 21 For: 15 Ref:14 Will: 16
Initiative: +5 Load Limit: 140, 280, 700 Carrying: 72

Racial Traits:
Dilettante (Sacred Flame), Dual Heritage, Group Diplomacy
Armor Prof: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail, Scale, Plate, Light Shield, Heavy Shield Weapon Prof: Simple Melee/Ranged, Military Melee

Athletics -0, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +7, Endurance +5, Heal +7, Insight +4, Intimidate +5, Perception +2, Religion +5

Healing Hands, Improved Initiative

Class Features:
Channel Divinity (Divine Mettle, Divine Strength), Divine Challenge, Lay On Hands

At Will Powers:
Bolstering Strike, Enfeebling Strike

Encounter Powers:
Fearsome Smite, Invigorating Smite

Daily Power:
Radiant Delirium

Utility Power:
Sacred Circle

Dagger (Attack: + 5melee, + 3ranged, Damage 1d4 + 2, Range 5/10)
Heavy Mace (Warhammer): (Attack: + 5, Damage: 1d10+2)

Plate Armor (AC + 8, Action -2), Heavy Shield (AC + 2 Reflex + 2), belt pouch, Scroll Case


Description: She is a woman slighter taller than average than a normal human woman. Her fiery red hair is cropped short and has grayed along her temples and at the back of her neck. Her emerald green eyes still retain some of her fiery passion of youth but are also tempered with her age. Her skin is a deep brown and her face is begining to show her age with deepening crow’s feet and laugh lines. Her armor reveals her dedication to Ioun emblazoned with her god’s holy symbol both on her tabard and pauldrons.

Background: She served as a hospitaller paladin of Ioun many centuries ago. During her time serving she earned high rank within the library churches more militant branch. However, after an unsuccessful assault on the cult of Vecna the survivors returned to a minor library shrine of Ioun to regroup and recover. Unfortunately for the followers of Ioun, the cult’s force counter attack was too savage for them to survive without drastic action. Firepearl ordered the able body troops to burn the library shrine to halt the advances of the cult to finish off the weaken group. While the plan worked and saved a number of the survivors, the Library Church hierarchy could not ignore the loss of valuable knowledge lost when the shire was torched.

Alaya Firepearl was tried in front of the head of the Library Church. While she pleaded that life can be more important than knowledge found in books, the Church disagreed. She was found guilty of one of Ioun’s greatest sins, willingly destroying knowledge. However, for her bravery and service, she was given the option of leaving the Church Library or ‘Atomement.’ With no family and few fiends she chose to be imprisoned into a book allowed to leave the book only after someone has read hear tale and performed the Arcane or Religious ritual (DC 15) to give her temporary reprieve. This reprieve allows her to have physical form for but an hour each day. With this time she is expected to atone for her crimes. She can be freed by any priest of Ioun once they believe she has paid for her crimes.

Tragically, the red leather book with holy symbol of Ioun was lost for many centuries. Alaya does not age or want for life necessities while imprisoned in the tome. However, if the book is destroyed so is she. Summoned from her prison she is also as she was a mere mortal. She waits for the clergy of Ioun to deem her atoned so she can leave her paper prison.

Alaya Firepearl

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