Reithann the Druid

Druid of the Icen Forest (Druid's Grove)


Race: Human Class: Druid Level: 3
Alignment: Unaligned

Str: 8 Con: 17 Dex: 13 Int: 10 Wis: 19 Cha: 10

Size: Medium Speed: 6 Vision: Low Light Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial
HP: 39 Bloodied: 19
AC: 18 For: 17 Ref: 13 Will: 16
Initiative: +2

Equipment: Druid’s robes, gnarled staff


Reithann lives in a humble cottage in the Druid’s Grove. She’s a spry eighty year old human woman dressed in robes of brown and green, carrying a gnarled staff. Her two apprentices, Lorel and Theren, rarely stray from her side.

In her old age, Reithann has begun to grow a little senile. She sometimes forgets or remembers things at random, and may fall out of a conversation at the drop of a hat, noticing something in the far-off distance of the forest. She wasn’t always so flighty, but none can deny that she has a deep connection to this cold, inhospitable place, and she has learned ways to stay alive – even thrive – in her old age.

Reithann is firmly on the side of the rebels. She aids those fighting the Iron Circle in any way she can. The old woman believes that the first blow should fall on the bullywugs of the Toadwallow Caverns, as she believes they take their orders from Nazin Redthorn, not their inborn nature.

Reithann the Druid

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